2013 Volkswagen Beetle with TDI engine to hit Chicago motor show

January 27th, 2012

2012-vw-beetle-turbo-reviewDuring the recent auto show in Detroit, the auto world had a glimpse of the possible Volkswagen Beetle all-electric in the form of the e-Bugster Concept.

Next month, at the Chicago Auto Show, VW will be unveiling the eco-friendly Beetle. This will not be just a concept car but a retro styled VW Beetle with a TDI engine.

The carmaker sold cars with diesel engines before. For the New Beetle which was launched back in 1998, there were engine options running on diesel sold in several markets. There was even a diesel VW Beetle in the United States from 1999 thru 2006.

VW though dropped the turbodiesel option after the 2006 M.Y. After failing to meet strict regulations on emissions. So if you are a VW fan and a diesel fan, the come back of the Beetle with TDI engine is a very good news.

The return of the diesel dependent Beetle to the US though will be the roll out of a leaner, more powerful, and cleaner VW.

The specifics about the car has not yet been released by the car manufacturer but experts are assuming that this will be the same powerplant that gives a great fuel mileage to the 2012 Passat, 2012 Jetta, and the 2012 Golf.

Most likely the 2013 Beetle TD will have a 6-speed Direct Shift transmission and a 6-speed manual gearbox just like the current Golf TDI model.

We are sure VW will release more details as the Chicago Auto Show nears. We will update you by then.

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