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Rumored delay for the launch of the 2012 Focus Electric

August 22nd, 2011

Last Monday, a Ford rumor has circulated on the Internet about the delayed launch of one of its models. According to the widespread rumor, the much awaited launch of the 2012 Focus Electric on will be delayed in 17 initial markets in the US. The company has an initial 19 markets for the new model. Based on the rumors, Ford would also be offering limited units of the 2012 Focus Electric in New York and California sometime towards the end of this year.

To answer the rumors that were spreading all over the Internet, the marketing manager for Ford’s electric cars, David Finnegan, issued an email that was first published in their website.

According to Finnegan’s email, the company would focus on the California and New York markets during the first phase of their production. The Ford dealers in these areas would be the first ones to schedule the retail orders. Likewise, they will be the first two markets to receive the Focus Electric car. In the spring of 2012, the rest of the markets will follow through including Durham.

The American company already made an official statement answering to the rumors by stating that there would be no delays with the launch of the 2012 Focus Electric. The official Ford statement said that the California and New York markets getting the first taste of the new cars is part of their plan.
Moreover, the statement said that the initial delivery schedule for the 2012 Focus Electric towards the end of this year would push through.

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Unnamed Zero Carbonista’s wind-powered car still on the Go

May 5th, 2009

Yes, the wind-powered vehicle of Zero Carbonista is still unnamed, but Dale Vince and his team are still on the go of creating this innovative car magnanimo.

Dale Vince and his team, commissioned by Ecotricity, have this vision of empowering all vehicles in Britain by wind. Vince admitted that he is a speed aficionado and loves new and innovative technology, but he is deeply concerned with the state of the planet. He wished that all 30m cars in Britain to be driven by wind through a supplemented power of 3,000-10,000 turbines feeding electricity at its peak. According to him, this concept will save 25m tons of vehicle oil, and the total of 12% of all United Kingdom’s carbon emissions.

Zero Carbonista

Vince sits at the pedestal of Ecotricity, the seventh largest supplier of electricity in United Kingdom and is one of the most renowned and biggest construction firms of wind turbines in his country. With his superb achievements, he finally conceptualized wind-powered cars. He predicted that these cars will be seen glazing on the road within 20 years. These cars will be actually running by electricity that is created by wind-farms.

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